Fasim – The Montana Gallery

Wow, it really feels like we have been going on about Barcelona forever, not only it one of our favorite places to visit, yet there is always some much content to gather.

Fasim is some what of a local legend, being active on the local and global street scene for over 12 years. This show focussed on a more contemporary style. If this show was placed in any other gallery you would be hard pressed to find any link to a self taught graffiti artist, something we found very interesting.

This show was not so much about subject matter and more about the exploration of texture, with the use of heavy layering and scored paint to create depth. you really needed to view the works from all angels to get a complete feel for what Fasim was attempting to create.

This show was a easy on the eyes and set in a simple and welcoming gallery.

View the full set of shots here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chasingghosts/sets/72157626702607658/


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