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When Da Mental Vaporz crew hit Melbourne

I must admit when I heard that this crew, originally from France, were heading down under I completely geeked out.

We have been big fans of DMV, seeing pieces from them go up in Paris, Barcelona and their epic wall at London’s Meeting Of Styles.

Even though the show at Rtist gallery is a great way to see each artists individual style, the true abilities of this crew shine when they collaborate on big walls.

It seems that everything came together for them here in Melbourne, the weather was great and the wall they were given was in China Town a unique and oddly appropriate setting.

Find below a few pics of the wall they painted.
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Photographs by chasinghosts

Da Mental Vaporz

Da Mental VaporzDa Mental Vaporz

Da Mental Vaporz

Da Mental VaporzDa Mental Vaporz

Sniders Lane Project

Sniders Lane Project – Presented by Just Another Agency. 

Who would have thought that spending a weekend sitting in an alley by a dumpster could be so much fun. At the end of the Semi-Permanent conference Just Another Agency and Sister Bella hooked us up with the last instalment bringing a new location into the Melbourne lane ways mix.

It all kicked off on the Saturday with five talented artists, two large scissor lifts and a trunk full of Ironlak spray paint. The artists, Sear, Sirum, Dvate, Cam Scale and Deb worked on their pieces from early morning to well into the evening. Each artist was inspired by a preselected colour palet that was already laid out by Does who painted the mural on the back wall a few moths ago. Watching the progression of each piece was really enjoyable and seeing the end result of all the pieces fused into a mural was spectacular.

On the seven day the artists rested. The public wafted in and out of Sniders all day Sunday to check out the new work and we all just kicked back, drank beer and admired the art. Kirpy stopped by to add his stencils to a door way in the alley not only showing us his shear talent but also showing the intricacies that go into his work. We were happy to relax and watch Kirpy do his thing. By the end of the weekend the lane was complete. So make sure you add Sniders Lane to the tourist trail and why not stop off for a drink at Sister Bella too.

Enjoy the photos below © as well as the interview with just another agencies owner Toby

You can view the full set of photos from

Sniders Lane project

Sniders Lane project

Ears at No Vacancy Gallery

We visited this show just after a quick walk through the famous Hosier Lane in Melbourne CBD. The walls of the Lane sport some of Ears original stylings and give you a great point of comparison between Ears older work and his new body presented in this series.

Ears, artist name of Daniel O’Toole, has used a pallet of pastels and more expressive lines to create variations on the characters that have become synonymous with his style over the years.

Allot of people aired concern that a move by Ears towards a fine art aspect may deter allot of his fans, yet when you see the show in person the concepts have translated onto canvas extremely well.

The show is now over

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Fasim – The Montana Gallery

Wow, it really feels like we have been going on about Barcelona forever, not only it one of our favorite places to visit, yet there is always some much content to gather.

Fasim is some what of a local legend, being active on the local and global street scene for over 12 years. This show focussed on a more contemporary style. If this show was placed in any other gallery you would be hard pressed to find any link to a self taught graffiti artist, something we found very interesting.

This show was not so much about subject matter and more about the exploration of texture, with the use of heavy layering and scored paint to create depth. you really needed to view the works from all angels to get a complete feel for what Fasim was attempting to create.

This show was a easy on the eyes and set in a simple and welcoming gallery.

View the full set of shots here:


LUDO at Starkart gallery – La Belle Vie

We arrived in Zurich to find that the centre of town, near where we are staying is insanely upper class. Ferrari’s and Bentleys cruising the streets typically driven by what looked like teenage boys and the main streets lined with cafe’s filled with people wearing Gucci sunglasses laughing and sipping their cocktails.

It was not something that we were expecting and thought that it was extremely superficial, until we ventured of the beaten track in search of Starkart gallery that was hosting the LUDO solo show.

The neighbourhood that Starkart is located in is very culturally diverse and much more down to earth.

Starkart is one of the most understated spaces we have come across, set inside an old residence turned commercial space that gives no impression of what is happening behind the scenes.

The Ludo show is set over multiple rooms on two levels, it is a minimalistic show, with the works widely spread out to make use of the vast space provided.

The ground floor displays originals from his “nature’s revenge” series and the basement features two video installations of his work processes, from creation to installation on the street.

It really felt like urban exploration venturing into this show, moving from room to room, some brightly lit and others very dark with the sound of what seemed like a old French record echoing from the basement.

Check out the full set of Ludo pics here: