Fran Williams – contemporary artist who marks

We have had the chance to ask a few questions to Fran Williams

ART-PIE:Tell us about yourself in a few words?
FRAN WILLIAMS: I explore the process and of paint and its emotional impact through mark making. Using the human form as a vehicle to create emotion with paint.

A-P: What is your process/approach when making art?
FW: My process is one of discovery through continual manipulation of paint and surface…throughout the smudging and hacking away of paint I get an idea of the ‘personality’ of a potential painting before choosing a pose which I feel will bring a readable emotion to it.Its all about the overall energy a of a painting…detail and meaning are secondary whilst Im creating it… the titles and meaning I attach afterwards come from things I have been thinking about outside of the studio.

A-P: Where/what do you look for inspiration?
FW: Everything everywhere is inspiring in one way or another…the changabilty of the sky is something Im inspired by all day…its a continual reminder of the impermanence of any experience which is something I find very useful should I ever have doubts on whether I could /should do something…it reminds me to just do it, and enjoy the journey.

In terms of artistic fuel Im always looking at the art of the Symbolist Painters such as Odilon Redon and Jean Delville…aswell as contemporary and mixed media artists such as Celia Paul and Dave Mckean.

A-P: Any upcoming shows?
Solo show ‘Helpless Angels’ opens at Bo-Lee Gallery May 14 – June 11
Affordable Art Fair – View Gallery May 13 – 15
Signal Gallery Group show in June
Blackhall studios London- Bo-Lee gallery group show June 13 -18

Make sure to check Fran William’s website

We thank you Fran Williams for taking time to take part in this interview. Find below a few pics of her best work. All three pieces are using oil/acrylics on canvas.

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