David Spiller at Beaux Arts London

Look at any painting by David Spiller and it is almost impossible not to smile. Light-heartedly optimistic, he uses Pop culture as part of a broader celebration to ‘make the painting live’.

Beaux Arts is pleased to present an upcoming solo show with 25 new works in which Spiller starts to move away from bold unabashed col- our towards a more reflective and elusive style of painting.

He has certainly not lost the magic. His works hit you like a wave of bright sincerity at a time when complexity in art – in an art world that all too often values the shocking and the nihilistic above all else – has become the end-goal. In whichever case, as Edward Lucie-Smith wrote in 2004, ‘These are good paintings – but they are also fun. How often nowadays do we have real fun in an art gallery?’

Spiller’s work has received a huge following and is exhibited constantly throughout Europe and the US.

Words from Beaux Arts
22 Cork Street | London | W1S 3NA

25 January to 18 February 2012

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