The Faberge big egg hunt featuring Nathalie Priem's Golden egg

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4 Mar


The Big Egg Hunt in LondonThe Big Egg Hunt was a plan hatched by Elephant Family and Action for Children for a record-breaking egg hunt across Central London to raise money for these two eggshell-ent causes!

Over 200 uniquely crafted eggs, created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers, will be hidden across the capital this Easter. Get onto the for the full details and collect your map and download the app. All eggs are also up for auction.

An impressive bunch of artists are taking part and have crafted their own egg. Just to mention a few – Nick & Rob Carter, The Chapman Brothers, Anony Micallef. But the focus will be here on Nathalie Priem’s egg creation – a superb egg made of steel and gilded in 23.5 carat gold! (photo included below)

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The artist, with the help of Wooden Horse London (, a new bespoke design and fabrication company in Hackney, is what she says about her artwork:

“The Golden Egg was born from my desire to understand where and how beauty is perceived in the artefacts we create. Stemming from an interest in the human need to create pleasing visual proportions within the things we construct and the seemingly contrasting chaotic driving forces of nature, the Golden egg is an example of mathematics within nature, and nature within rigid form. Built upon the Fibonacci series and the golden ratio, every curve within the Golden Egg portrays both precision and elegance. It looks to demonstrate that the inventions of mankind will always be dictated to by nature, a beautiful framework within which we are all held.”

Nathalie Priem's crafted egg for the Big Egg Hunt in London

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