Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

The incredible digital art of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is one of those guys who have raw talent. He excels on digital photography and produces outstanding results. And you know what? He has not have any formal training in photography or studio art — or even classroom instruction in Adobe Photoshop

Erik Johansson is keen on surreal landscapes and often depicts characters trapped in their surroundings in some temporal break down.

We have included below the Cut & Fold (2012) piece as well as a very interesting video that will show you how Erik Johansson got to the end result.

Here is what the digital artist says about the work: “Inspired by the cut-along border of a magazine coupon, I wondered what a landscape would look like if it were peeled back along a road’s dotted line like a coupon.

Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

Cut & Fold – Behind The Scenes from Erik Johansson on Vimeo.

Here are other works from Erik Johansson

Downside of the Upside (2009)
Downside of the Upside (2009)
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Go Your Own Road (2008):

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