5 Great Cities For Street Art

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25 Jul


Street art cities | Art-PieThese days, some of the most interesting artists and art projects from all over the world are accessible from the comfort of our own homes. Whether you’re interested in digital art, galleries from your favourite artists, or even researching and comparing different pieces, you can do just about anything you need on your computer. Indeed, there’s something appealing about picking up a bottle of wine from Marks and Spencer, getting comfortable at your computer, and sifting through sites for your favourite art.

However, there’s also something special about getting out into the world to see great works of art in person – particularly if you’re interested in street art. Sure, you’ll find endless collections of images online, and in some cases you can even have them made into canvases for your apartment! But you can’t do street art justice unless you see it in person. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at 5 of the best cities in the world for viewing exceptional street art, as identified by Fodor’s.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Giant maps, abstract art, football celebrations, and of course, political statements dominate Buenos Aires’s buildings, largely because the city has made it completely legal to tag. The only catch is that building owners have to agree – and in a city already full of incredible graffiti, most owners are probably inclined to encourage more!

Los Angeles, California USA
LA is famous for celebrating artistic expression, and that characteristic of the city certainly extends to street art. From Banksy, to Retna, and even the artist behind Barack Obama’s campaign posters, LA brings in the stars, resulting in outstanding murals and graffiti.

London, England
Not only is the local tagging in parts of London fairly legendary, but the city is also a hub for famous artists from all over the world. In terms of celebrity status, Banksy is about as big as a street artist can get, and has done a great deal of outstanding work in London’s Square Mile.

Berlin, Germany
Known as an artistic hub in general, Berlin is home to some of the world’s most inspired street art. In fact, well known street artists from all over the world travel to Berlin specifically to tag, and this has led to some truly outstanding creations worth seeing in person. Head to Gustav Meyer Allee in Kreuzberg to see a clock tower mural recently installed by famous French artist JR.

Bogota, Colombia
Murals and graffiti dominate the city walls of Bogota, and vary greatly in nature. From politically inspired art and inscriptions against former government executives, to vibrant, expressive art, Bogota has it all. Be sure to visit the portion of the city called La Candelaria – a charming city quarter on its own, but also the centre of street art activity.

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