Meet Plastic Jesus, street artist from Los Angeles

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23 Jun


We only recently heard from Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based artist, and while his motivation are clearly political and on that basis can be compared to other street artists such as Banksy, although Plastic Jesus seems to vary a little more his mediums and art forms by often making bold installations which he will spread around the city of LA.

We have included below some of his works.

Reading a bit more about the artist, I quickly realised that we are looking at a “modern” street artist –

1. Mass audience attention thanks to The Huffington Post in particular which listed two works by Plastic Jesus in the end of year round up of “The Best of Los Angeles Street art 2012”, one of them was “No more heroes” featuring disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong connected to an IV drip

"No more heroes" by Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie

2.Concerns about his work ethic and try to harm as little the environment. The artist will even send someone to remove his work should you not like it

3. Does art galleries show, sell prints of his street artworks and he is represented in the UK by Walton Fine Arts located in Knightsbridge

The last point will make cringe the purists street art heads out there.

I have no particular issue with the points above and like the messages Plastic Jesus tries to get accross, what do you reckon?

"America Excess" by Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie "Credit Trap" by Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie platicjesus-stopmakingstupidpeoplefamous

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