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Da Mental Vaporz at SCOPE fair in Miami

Tuesday the 1st of December saw the opening of the much anticipated SCOPE, the international fair for contemporary art in Miami, Florida right on sunny South Beach.

SCOPE celebrates its 15th anniversary edition with 120 international exhibitors from 22 countries and 57 cities. MYA makes its debut appearance at the fair with an exhibition of pure French talent from our 400 sq. foot stand, located at #B21.

The exhibition features new paintings from Da Mental Vaporz artists BOM.K, BRUSK, BLO, JAW, KAN and collaborative works that include SOWAT, LEK, DRAN and GRIS1.

DMV was first formed in 1999 in the Parisian suburbs and over a 15 year period, the collective grew to its present day form: a surprising combination of styles, individualities and creativities which still manages to maintain a creative unity. Celebrated for their huge murals representing childlike characters, monsters and dislocated dolls, the collective combine the perfect marriage of cynicism and innocence.

WHAT – MYA Gallery // Stand #B21 at SCOPE art fair
WHEN – Until the 6/12/2015

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