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The 500 festival comes to Village Underground

One of Mikel Kruminswill's latest work | Art-Pie

The 500 Festival, a new art and music festival is coming to Shoreditch this October and promised to entertain you all day and night and showcase of some of the most talked about DJ talent on the festival scene and an array of artistic gems. Originally... Read more

100,000 LED lights to light up the Sumida River

Tokyo has always been a mistery to me, one of these cities that will you blow away for sure. What follows would certainly water my eyes. At the occasion of the Tokyo Hotaru festival that just happened, one of a kind of installation was made where LED... Read more

Soundsculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer using Kinect

When I first watched this video of Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer’s soundsculpture project, I was fascinated and watched it again several times. Not for me to try to breakdown to you how this is done as it is quite complex. I’ll invite... Read more

Sound painting – get your own today

I have not been felling so excited like this for a while. Steady, I am talking here about the concept of sound painting. I know what you are thinking right now – “How does it work?”. Read on. Right, the gear you need first – a... Read more

Dropbear's latest stop-motion

920 pencils and 5125 images is what what Jonathan Chong (also called Dropbear) needed to put together this very neat stop-motion for the Melbourne-based indie-folk band called Hudson. Enjoy it below. Also included is a “behind the scenes”... Read more

When just interesting isn't enough – breathing new life into the artbook. An interview with French-Belgian media artist Gaston Gouron

Media Artist Gaston Gouron with Never-ending Conversation

Gaston Gouron is a visual media artist based in Brussels. His work caught my attention at a show about art books. Not by surprise, yet I think more by design, I had picked out each of Gaston’s three artworks on display before swooping in to catch a... Read more

Rippled, light painting and animation at their best

There are quite a few light-painting based videos/animations out there these days, some very well done, some others a bit less but what about this one – “RIPPLED“, another collaboration between Darcy Prendergast and the creative team... Read more

Post War Years by Tobias Stretch

We were very impressed about 2 years ago when we stumbled upon the stop motion video from Tobias Stretch called Lucia a mesmerizing work, creepy at times but beautifully crafted throughout. Have a look at the video. Tobias has produced another wonderfully... Read more

Graffiti Analysis v3.0

graffiti analysis

This is simply one of the most exciting projects I have come across recently. My liking for this amazing technology is probably the result of a personality going geek sometimes. Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti.... Read more

Video painting at Cordy house, London

Video installation by the creative Brooklyn duo Sweatshoppe. The principle is simple: a LED roller paints video onto a wall. The effect is guaranteed. Thanks to the programming language called Max/MSP, Blake Shaw wrote a software that makes possible the... Read more