More digital art

Fractal art: when Mr maths is the artist

When I first heard about ‘fractal’ art, I did not have a clue what it could be so I thought I’ll investigate this further and was quickly to find out that Mr mathematics has its role to play here. Before carrying on, it might be best... Read more

The billboard art project

Some will tell you how ugly all these road signs, billboards and others are and how much they give our cities an ugly look. This is when The Billboard Art Project comes in with a awesome idea which surely will enhance the city landscape. They acquire... Read more

Paul Collis – digital artist

We have met with Paul Collis, a talented mixed medias artist, who accepted to answer a few questions for us. Here is the interview. ART-PIE: Tell us about yourself in a few words? Paul Collis: I’m a graphic designer/artist with a love for street... Read more

Immaterials: light painting WiFi networks

Light Painting WiFi is the creation of Timo Arnall, Jorn Knutsen, Einar Sneve Martinussen. Their work explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in Oslo urban spaces. They put together a four-meter tall measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals... Read more

James George or how to use Kinect (Xbox)

Microsoft must have amazed quite a few of us with their latest innovation, I want to talke here about Kinect by like for all genius products, there is a sleepy hacker waiting to exploit and excel in using such products. James George had the idea to modify... Read more

The Brick Thief – a short film by LEGO

Lego, lego and lego. We like it very much here at ART-PIE and were very excited to learn about the release of their latest short film – The Brick Thief. To make it even better, the whole thing is in stop-motion. A definite must-see and feel good... Read more

8-bitscapes prints now available: want one, defo.

I just love the concept and even more the outcome: a unique series of prints now available to purchase at Prescription Art 8-bitscapes is a collaboration between designer Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson. The concept is simple: they... Read more

Damien Hirst artwork for Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Without mentioning (but I will anyway) that the hype around Damien Hirst these days is far too much, member of the YBA (Young British Artists) is, was, want to be, should not be; the point here is that he can now get away with mediocre work but some people,... Read more

‘Brushes’ iPhone app: painting at the touch of your finger

If you read my post about digital painting, you may have got that ART-PIE believes in the ‘get your hands dirty’ approach when it comes to make art. Get your brushes, pencils, spray paint cans, anything and everything and get physical with... Read more

Gordon Cheung at Room: multi media artist

I always find fascinating when an artist can juggle between medias or techniques, when artists can be as varied as Gordon Cheung is. It is definitely a sign of open mindedness and in this case also talent. Pyrographics, spray paint, oil, acrylics, sculpture,... Read more