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Rotofugi – A Gallery and Toy Store!

Chicago, IL – Rotofugi, home to toys and art. One of the best venues for pop surrealism a mere mile and a half away from my current home. The charming, light-filled space greets visitors with cheery figures by Kidrobot, Frank Kozik, Tokidoki, and others. Additionally, they have apparel, plush toys, journals, and a variety of knickknacks. It’s easy to lose track of time, awed by all the clever and intricate crafts. The gallery, with constantly changing exhibits, is located... Read More

Fran Williams – contemporary artist who marks

We have had the chance to ask a few questions to Fran Williams ART-PIE:Tell us about yourself in a few words? FRAN WILLIAMS: I explore the process and of paint and its emotional impact through mark making. Using the human form as a vehicle to create emotion with paint. A-P: What is your process/approach when making art? FW: My process is one of discovery through continual manipulation of paint and surface…throughout the smudging and hacking away of paint I get an idea of... Read More

Maxime Angel – Let My Eyes Be Your Mirror at C4RD

Centre for Recent Drawing presents the first UK solo exhibition of artist Maxime Angel. Through a highly physical and performative relationship to her drawing practice, Maxime Angel mines a deep held fascination with human sexuality and mortality in her intensely beautiful yet disturbing works on paper and card. Angel’s personal interaction with her medium and her ability to project the internal and external machinations of the artitst’s body onto the 2D plane create a deeply... Read More