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Alice Pasquini, ART-EFX & BRUSK streetart

Part of our 3 street art works series you should see today. Artists featured are Alice Pasquini, ART-EFX and BRUSK.

Alice Pasquini

Anima. Boat near Tower Bridge. Photo by Jessica Stewart – RomePhotoBlog

Update – 23/7/2013. We hear from Propa-Stuff, who organised the whole thing,  that there are a loads more artists that took part in this event such as Bailon, Miss Van, Ciro Sschu, Sheryo and the Yok so go and see with your own eyes. The location is SE1 2AX and the easiest viewing point is from Providence Square.

Alice Pasquini | Art-Pie


Location: Albaching. Photo by Johannes Probst

ART-EFX | Art-Pie


In progress. Location: France

Brusk | Art-Pie