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The ap-art summer show

I am so glad that the show got extended since although it has been on all summer, I did not manage to go down before last week end. I meant to go for ages but busy was my schedule or was it really? I don’t know but now I went and came across artists I need to tell you about.

I have to point out before I get going that the dude behind the mac was well a dude, but not engaging for a bit when I tried to talk to him. Shame but lucky enough that the line up of art is so worth it that I got distracted quickly enough to actually liked the dude, let me mention though that photographs aren’t allowed – meh, but this show has got some substance.

My first distraction took me to look at Joe Black’s work from the UK and in particular his “made in China” large piece made of little soldiers toys put together and painted so when you look from far enough, you do not even realise what is made of. Great “trompe l’oeil” technique that is. Choose the right coloured soldier and when needed, apply a very generous stroke of black or white and the whole thing is visually pleasant to the eye.

Joe Black - Made In China
Joe Black – Made In China

I will then mention here “Miss Bugs” series of paintings which are most definitely what I enjoyed the most but which only made to the wall of the gallery that most people would miss. Great mixed medias (mainly acrylics) pieces such as “Silence” – See below

Silence by Miss Bugs
Silence by Miss Bugs

Two more artists I need to mention are Finn Stone and Ryan Hadley. Respectively, a great sculptor artist with a few great pieces scattered around the venue. Who wouldn’t fall in love with his “Voodo child”? Then you get Ryan Hadley and his amazing stencil like piece made from a rusty plate – I wish I could show you a picture of it but unlike the dude said “All works are on the website”, I could not find that piece, not even on Ryan Hadley’s website. As a result, I’ll mention the work from Bomk entitled “La limite”, a complete surreal encounter.

Voodoo child by Finn Stone
Voodoo child by Finn Stone
Bomk - La limite
Bomk – La limite

Whatever the dude is all about, he’s got a fine collection of must-see artists works so go and get a peak at this show which runs until the 30th September 2011.

The APART 2011 London Summer Show
55-57 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JX