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Clemens Behr & Romain Froquet – cardboard, wood, yarn and paint

We have already featured Clemens Behr‘s cardboards installations and are again very happy to do so. This time, the playground is in Paris and the collaboration is with French painter Romain Froquet.

The fruit of this partnership are two eye-catching 3D installations enhanced by Froquet’s neat and intricate abstract paintings which can be seen below. The video of this collaborative work has also been included below.

Clemens Behr and Romain Froquet installation

Clemens Behr's cardboard installations

I do not get excited very often by sculpture works but probably because I have been focusing my interest in illustrated art so it is always ¬†joy to get hit on Twitter by this sort of encounter – “Check out Clemens Behr’s cardboard installations”.

I am glad I clicked. Using what you can find around to make art – I like the sound of this.

Then here I was looking at Clemens’ stuff: painted cardboards put together in some ways, in Clemens Behr’s way, a German artist who manipulates cardboards, wood, paint and tape.

Looking him up, I found people qualifying his art of origami. If this is origami, this is origami full scale, this origami taken beyond the scope of it, this is someone having found his medium.

Visit www.clemensbehr.com