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TRXTR new show "Lucked Up" at Get Up gallery

TRXTR | Art-PieUK based artist TRXTR has a new show but this time in the United States and precisely in Las Vegas. The artist’s work touches on social and moral issues. TRXTR is true ti his style where photography is cleverly mixed with painting through a bunch of techniques

It is difficult not to feel anything when looking at the artist’s work –  his work is often disturbing or disconcerting which makes atmospheres transpire to which the viewers ultimately react to it.

From the gallery “Concerns about exploitation, globalization and corruption appear over and over again, but the tone is ambivalent. He is not preaching to us, but reproducing some of the sickly sweet images of commercialism in a way that it is genuinely hard to tell if he is celebrating them or railing against them.”

From the artist “The luck of being born pretty, rich, handsome, gifted and in the majority is real luck in this world. For the rest there is Vegas and its clones where in the nano second before you’re screwed you can imagine what it’s like to be in the one percent.”

There is a twist at the opening  night, TRXTR tells us about it – all purchases made inside of Get Up Gallery will be eligible for the “Fifty Buck Chuck” promotion. Each purchaser will get a chance to roll a dice. The number that is rolled will be multiplied by $50, and the discount will be applied to the piece purchased. This opportunity to save up to $300 will only be available on the evening of the opening.

TRXTR | Art-Pie

‘LUCKED UP’  the exceptional Trxtr solo show at Get Up Gallery in Vagas opening on 7th September 2012 from 7:00pm-11:00pm

When: 7th – 29th September.

Where: Get Up Gallery, 520 Fremont Street , Las Vegas , NV 89101 .


TRXTR Official Website