‘Brushes’ iPhone app: painting at the touch of your finger

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18 Feb


If you read my post about digital painting, you may have got that ART-PIE believes in the ‘get your hands dirty’ approach when it comes to make art. Get your brushes, pencils, spray paint cans, anything and everything and get physical with the whole lot to get that unique feeling of satisfaction when finally the idea that was stuck in your head for a while is now right there in front of you and ready to be seen by others.

‘There is an app for just about everything’ they say so I was not surprised to find out about that app called ‘Brushes’, your new tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device. Not interested at first, my keen interest for the i-phone convinced me to keep on reading about it. Advanced color picker, realistic brushes, hue/saturation, multiple layers, etc it has all features its cousin the art computer software normally offers but more importantly it also has its super users that eventually turn digital artists.

Patricio Villaroel is certainly one of them. As well as being in the top 5 contributors of the Brushes Flickr group which has got over 2100 members, he has clearly had a go at it and has either mastered painting at the touch of a finger or is just talented and has found his medium. It is probably a bit of both here.

I could not physically browse through the 14500+ items of the Flickr group but I nevertheless stumbled across some pretty good stuff I must admit from various users – selection below.

With mobile devices becoming vital to most humans are two lungs are, digital painting or ‘finger painting’ whatever you want to call is digging its place in the sun and is enjoying a real enthusiasm from a new generation of artists.

I’ll download that app but let’s get first an iPhone…

Worth a mention as it has surely been the best sale push Steve Prang – creator of the Brushes app has had, is the cover of one of the New Yorker magazine issues which was created by using that very tool by Jorge Colombo (see below)

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> Video tutorial video tutorial on how use the app tight here, get iPhone creative!


Author: Pierrick Senelaer

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