Banksy new street art in London

Banksy has finally dropped again in London and this time, he has put a strong emphasis on different signs of pop culture which suits so well street art and especially stencils.

Some says that that one of his new work is a clear reference to The Clash London Calling album cover, another one refers to Futurama’s Bender and in the last one, Keith Harringâ’s Dog can be clearly recognized.

Locations of these new works:
The Clash London Calling album cover – Thomas More Square (E1)
Futurama’s Bender – Not know (yet)
Keith Harring’s dog – located on Grange Road (SE1)

On another note, ART-PIE has learnt that Banksy story boarded and directed the opening of the latest Simpsons episode. View it below.

PS: photos taken from the website

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