London Art fair – in its 23rd year but still going strong, part3

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27 Jan


So there we had it – the 23rd London art fair, the biggest yet with a remarkable 24 ooo+ visitors this year. It has proven to me that this event is the place or one of the best places to discover, see or enjoy the best of modern and contemporary British art.

Over 120 galleries exhibited this year,  a decent number but still lagging behind its big sister, the Frieze art fair, with its 170+ galleries  but the two events should maybe not be compared as the Frieze fair is an international fair while the London art fair focusing on British art.

Another noticeable thing was that this year again, London based galleries made the bulk of the exhibitors with 80%. Painting and sculpture were also again the two main types of arts that could be seen but this is what the London Art Fair (LAF) has been about for a while now. The regular visitor will know this, the newbies not necessarily.

Selected works from the fair below.

William Martyr
Acrylics on canvas | Tag Fine Arts

Paul wright
Oil on canvas | Thompson gallery

John Hoylan
Acrylics on cotton duck | Beaux Arts London

Andrea Mastrovito
Cut paper collage and aniline dye on paper | Foley gallery

Dominic Shepperd
Oil on canvas | Charlie Smith

Marilene Oliver
Laser prints on card, red ink, bonded nylon and seed beads | Beaux Arts London

Author: Pierrick Senelaer

Founder of the Art-Pie site. I design and code websites and apps Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 and enjoy drawing, painting and visits to museums and galleries at night and weekends.

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