Jaybo Monk – I need a dollar

This is this kind of event which propels creativity to the next level, this is when a collaborative effort becomes Art.

American R&B artist Aloe Blacc, musician and music-maker Mihalj “Miki” Kekenj and artist Jaybo got together and put on a what have been an amazing night at Berlin’s creative space MADE.

Aloe Blacc´s original music was interpreted by Miki and his string-quintet which transformed the soul and funk style of Aloe into classical music compositions. Jaybo got involved and took his inspiration from the lyrics of Aloe’s song “I Need a Dollar”and converted it into his own visual interpreation – one of the best piece of art I have seen so far this year!

Jaybo’s painting was put on dispolay for the first time during the event at MADE where Aloe and Miki’s quintet performed a bunch of aloe’s repertoire. The film below shows this performance and tell us about the project.

Hats off to MADE for pulling such a great show where great talents from different art disciplines get together for everybody’s delight.

I need a dollar by Jaybo Monk
Aloe blacc Jaybo Monk miki at MADE
Aloe Blacc - Jaybo Monk - Miki

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