Remap 3 – Street art project from Athens

If there is one country that needs a push right now, it has to be Greece. Remap, an international contemporary art platform open and free to the public, could just what Greek people need to hopefully put a smile back on their faces.

ReMapKM’s main purpose, which is held bi annually in the area of Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio in Athens, in tandem with the Athens Biennial, is to goal is to create an alternative platform for the production and experiencing of contemporary art within the urban context.

The REMAP event is in third edition this year runs until the 30/10/11 which a multitude of shows and events. Read the full program.

Big names include APSET, BOOHAHA and RTMone & SIVE and these artists have come up with an installation made of human faces expressions with alongside them, a made up ladder which is supposed to lead them up to the sky where they can free their minds. The reference here is easily spottable: the need for city inhabitants to escape the sometimes tough urban jungle. Some photos of the installation are included below and are courtesy of website which sponsor the paint for the event.

One thought on “Remap 3 – Street art project from Athens”

  1. Thank you for the report. Just few clarifications, “Reach the sky” project was organized and presented by Vamiali’s gallery for Remap 3 and curated by Anneta Papadatou. Montana cans was very kind to give us sponsor for paint but they did not sponsor the event. We would appreciate if you could check it and correct accordingly.
    Best regards, Vamiali’s Gallery

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