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Spaces Within Spaces Within Space Within at Pure Evil gallery

Pure Evil galleryDespite the marked differences between their graphic and visual languages, long-time friends Paulo Arraiano (yup) and Diogo Machado (add fuel to the fire) have often collaborated on many projects. Over the years each has developed an extensive portfolio in the fields of graphic and visual arts, working in a variety of mediums. Each has also taken part in a great number of individual and collective exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad. This is the first time they are showcasing their work together in the UK.

Both grew up in and live in the seaside town of Cascais, outside Lisbon, Portugal, and in spite of their distinctive paths they share multiple references and interests. They have developed a high level of understanding and familiarity which often borders on the complicit, turning their fertile partnership into an ongoing intuitive collaboration. It is this convergence towards a mutual space where both their differences and similarities intersect that can be viewed here.

Spaces Within explores this point of contact where the two individual realms meet and overlap ≠ an area which both re˛ects and transcends the many inner spaces and territories their lives and work have created; a new multi-layered expanse composed of myriad emotions, characters, stories, landscapes, colours, shapes and details.

Words from Miguel Moore

Where: Pure Evil Gallery | 108 Leonard st London | EC2A 4RH London
When: Opening 16th February . 6pm – 9pm

Artists: Paulo Arraiano (yup) . Diogo Machado (add fuel to the fire)

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