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Spaces Within Spaces Within Space Within at Pure Evil gallery

Pure Evil galleryDespite the marked differences between their graphic and visual languages, long-time friends Paulo Arraiano (yup) and Diogo Machado (add fuel to the fire) have often collaborated on many projects. Over the years each has developed an extensive portfolio in the fields of graphic and visual arts, working in a variety of mediums. Each has also taken part in a great number of individual and collective exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad. This is the first time they are showcasing their work together in the UK.

Both grew up in and live in the seaside town of Cascais, outside Lisbon, Portugal, and in spite of their distinctive paths they share multiple references and interests. They have developed a high level of understanding and familiarity which often borders on the complicit, turning their fertile partnership into an ongoing intuitive collaboration. It is this convergence towards a mutual space where both their differences and similarities intersect that can be viewed here.

Spaces Within explores this point of contact where the two individual realms meet and overlap ≠ an area which both re˛ects and transcends the many inner spaces and territories their lives and work have created; a new multi-layered expanse composed of myriad emotions, characters, stories, landscapes, colours, shapes and details.

Words from Miguel Moore

Where: Pure Evil Gallery | 108 Leonard st London | EC2A 4RH London
When: Opening 16th February . 6pm – 9pm

Artists: Paulo Arraiano (yup) . Diogo Machado (add fuel to the fire)

Editions group show at Arch402 gallery

ARCH 402  gallery has now been running for just over a year but has already become a major London venue to show and promote street art and this upcoming show – Street Art @ Arch402 should be another cracking show.

Often here,  works from East London’s street art scene will be put on show so expect wonders from Ronzo or Sweet Toof. New works, prints and crafted objects will make up this show and tunes will be played by a DJ.

All unframed work will be available to take away on the night and throughout the show.

Featured Artists: Cept | SweetToof | Grafter | Stik | Ronzo | McBess | Melody Rose | Nathan Bowen | Pure Evil | Run

When – 2 December 2011 – 13 January 2012 (Opening party – 1 December 2011 18:00-21:00)
Where –  Arch402 gallery | Cremer street | London

Edition show at Arch402

Street fonts – graffiti alphabets from around the World by MadABC

German artist MadABC has opened her show at Pure Evil gallery tonight in London. This coincides with the launch of her book – “Street Fonts – graffiti alphabets from around the world”. You can buy this book here on Amazon.

The work on display will feature a series of different alphabets on canvas and wall, MadABC is mad about letters. In preparation of the show, she painted a huge alphabet wall of about 5m x 25m Wenlock Road in Hackney which you can see photos (by Marco Prosch) and video of below.

MadABC show runs until the 1st May 2011 at Pure Evil gallery | 108 Leonard street, EC2A 4S, London


The Friends of Tony Romanoff at Pure Evil

Following his appearance in the adidas is all in campaign, London street artist Lucas Price a.k.a. Cyclops has been hard at work on his latest exhibition ‘The Friends of Tony Romanoff’.

Words from Pure Evil gallery

This film below documents the show and is narrated by the eponymous Tony Romanoff who uses an electronic voice generator to speak on the artist’s behalf.

Featuring brand new conceptual photographic work, as well as two dramatic installations in the gallery’s basement, there’s also a beautifully packaged, limited 7’’ single available to purchase at the gallery or selected vinyl emporiums.

Where: Pure Evil gallery
When: 1/4 till 13/4/2011

SESPER at Pure Evil gallery

Brazilian artist Alexandre “Sesper” Cruz spent his adolescence absorbed in music and skateboarding – building ramps, making fanzines that documented the Sao Paulo art scene, and recording k-7 compilations. These interests influenced the sticker and paste up poster campaigns he launched around the city in 1999.

Sesper is best known for his unique mixed media artwork. He uses recycled material such as paper, cardboard and wood as his surface and paints over these with oil pastel and latex, incorporating layer upon layer of texture and color. A member of the renowned Brazilian art collective, the Famiglia Baglione, Sesper has participated in and filmed many of their live painting and gallery installations around Brazil.

SESPER at Pure Evil

He produces music and is a full time vocalist for Garage Fuzz band since 1991, as well having sung and recorded in the following bands: OVEC, PSYCHIC POSSESSOR, SAFARI HAMBURGUERS, PAURA, and the projects: NOTWORK, INTROSPECTIVE, LOFI EXPERIMENTS, VALLEJO X SUNSET, 5 GAS QUESTION, FLIPTOP, and others.

Words from the Pure Evil website