Ron English and Risk at Black Rat Projects

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17 Jul


Signs by TrustoCorp - Art-PieWe managed to get a look at the latest show at Black Rat Projects called “Letters From America” where works from Ron EnglishTrustoCorpRisk and Saber are on display. Pictures of the artworks below.

As soon as you step into the gallery, you are greeted by the “Big Boy”,an original 7 foot or so statue customized by the Los Angeles graffiti writer RISK Big Boy is a brand of meal kits for kids which infamously got in turnmoil when some of their products were tested positive for Listeria contamination back in 2009, but instead of a burger  Big Boy holds a spray paint can which will remind visitors that they are about to see artworks from street artists.

Very quickly, another piece from RISK acts as a magnet for your eyes and illuminates the whole room. A graffiti made of neons. Sublime. What a piece to be made when you know how difficult neon making can be. Looking on the ‘Big Boy’ quietly from the back of the room, are pop surrealist painter Ron English’s colourful pigs that will make smile even the hardcore vegetarian out there. Just above them, a series of photographs by the same artist all very loyal to the artist’s style – pop surrealism. The “Telegrinnies” series have to be our favorites one, you will have figured out that Ron English’s work here is base on the “Teletubbies”.

Slightly hidden in a corner of the gallery, we enjoyed reading and laughing at TrustoCorp small scale signs

This show runs until the 18th June 2012 and is linked to another project that launched on June 30 at the London Pleasure Gardens where outdoor installations can be seen by the same artist until december 2013. Read the article about it on Arrested Motion website.

Big Boy by RISK (left) | Pigs by Ron English(right)
Big Boy by Risk - Art-PiePigs by Ron English - Art-Pie

Neons by Risk (left) | Spray paint and acrylics by Risk (right)
Neons graffit by Risk - Art-PieBy Risk - Art-Pie

Telegrinnies by Ron English
Telegrinnies by Ron English - Art-PieTelegrinnies by Ron English - Art-Pie

Signs by TrustoCorp
Signs by TrustoCorp - Art-PieSigns by TrustoCorp - Art-Pie

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