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The nuclear bunker project by 3Dot gallery

The Secret Bunker project | Art-PieWe recently met up with the 3Dot gallery team to find out about the Nuclear Bunker project. The gallery is located in Edinburgh.

Art-Pie:So guys, what is the Nuclear Bunker project all about“?
3Dot: We have graff, illustrator, stencil, projection and lighting artists coming in over the next few days to create some exceptional pieces of art that will completely transform Scotland’s “Secret Bunker”.

A-P: “Scotland Secret Bunker?”
3Dot: ???

A-P: “What the greater idea behind this project?”
3Dot: We believe the projects we do are quite special due to their nature with the hope that this one will be the turning point in the grander scheme of things.

Great artists have come together at our studio within the four weeks we have had to put this project together.  They have come along to do what they are passionate about even though no-one is making any money, the budget is extremely tight in respect to the space we have to cover – everyone has been pitching in as much as they possibly can with materials and countless hours spent working and helping out

We are doing this to provide artists a platform to showcase their pieces and throw an awesome party to celebrate all the hard work from everyone involved,  something that I don’t believe is actually happening at the moment in Edinburgh and all the artists we work with agree with us too.

A-P: “Where do you see this initiative take you?”
3Dot: We want to keep doing these events so that we can establish ourselves and gain a reputation that we can use to gain a credible charity status that will develop our ability to provide extremely talented artists with materials, studio space and a venue to showcase their work – All of which would be costly and could deter these creative individuals from doing what they do best.

The first event of the Nuclear Bunker project will take place this Saturday 2nd Februrary 2013 at ???. We will report back on it and show you some of the creations that came out of it. We have included below a teaser of the artwork that have already been produced by some of the artists involved.

To get further information and to get involved, please get in touch with ??? or take a look at the 3Dot website (although your website guys does not mention the event! Why??!!)

Have you got a list of the artists involved???

The Secret Bunker project | Art-Pie

The Secret Bunker project | Art-Pie

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