Adam Neate at Elms Lester Painting Rooms

‘History’ – portraits from Adam Neate at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms

As I am reading the press release of History – Adam Neate. Portraits from 2006 -2013, I remember that last time I got that excited by a show about portraits was when I went to see Joram Roukes at Signal gallery.

Adam Neate (as much as Joram Roukes) is the sort of artists that will challenge whatever perception of portraiture in art you might have by giving you something radically different to look at. Do not look for resemblance  in Adam’s work, his portraits are more expressions of characters in their social environments but what makes his work unique is the mediums he uses – Perspex, metal, fabrics, lenticulars and film.

Neate’s subject matter is in the strong British tradition of social realism, yet the materials he uses to make his brush strokes challenge tradition. In his iconic portraits, as well as in his portrayals of domestic life, the self-taught artist continues to push boundaries and challenge himself. Neate wrestles with new ideas in painting while working through the powerful emotions that are ever present in his overtly personal work.” Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

Adam Neate at Elms Lester Painting Rooms

Where – Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London
When – 16Nov 2013 – 14Dec 2013 | Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 7pm Saturdays 11am – 5pm

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