Remed and Okuda at Southbank London


Artists REMED and OKUDA have flooded the streets of Southbank in London with colours and passion for the second consecutive year.

After the success of the previous editions of Streets of Colour, this creative union between the two artists and Campo Viejo continues bearing fruits and they have surprised us again with an unusual art action: this time Remed and Okuda have worked inside of a cube of methacrylate of 40 cubic metres (2.4409e+6inĀ³) next to the Thames river in Southbank, offering to the thousands of pedestrians who have been there during the four days that have lasted the action, the unique experience of watching the artists painting in front of the public and not turning their backs as it is the usual when painting a wall.

The transparency of the methacrylate has allowed us to be privileged witness of the creative process of these two vibrant artists of international renown, that as well as a year ago in London, and in other experiences in Logronio, Madrid and Brussels have offered us a stimulating show with lights, colours and passion as protagonists.


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