Jota Leal’s Star Wars themed artworks

Jota Leal was born in a humble little town in eastern Venezuela, in the mid-eighties. He began drawing and painting at a very young age, and never studied fine art. He attempted to sit in class as a child of six, but ran away after being forced to paint plastic fruit and empty bottles.

Jota’s style results in a synergy of remarkable painting skill and a probing sense of the subject’s soul, and often tweaked with a remarkable sense of humor. Leal works with pencil on paper, acrylic on board, and acrylic on canvas to achieve his amazing images.

Jota Leal from Venezuela probes the subconscious, showing that depth can be shown with humor and whimsy. — Juxtapoz Magazine

Jota Leal | Art-Pie
Jota captures Star Wars villian, Boba Fett in a classic pose, with exceptional coloring.
This dramatic acrylic on canvas painting measures 20″ x 28″.
Jota Leal | Art-Pie
Imagine Mathew Brady, the famous Civil War photographer having taking a familiy portrait from Star Wars. Jota creates a wonderfully bizarre and funny grouping of iconic Star Wars characters, all posed in some classic 19th Century scene. Expertly painted. 24′ x 30″ Acrylic on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.
Jota Leal
Chewbacca with some robotic enhancement. What could be the story here? Maybe in the next, next episode in a galaxy far, far away. Beautiful landscape coloration by Jota. 36″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas.
Jota Leal | Art-Pie
Wonderfully surreal painting from the Star Wars universe by Jota, in a beautifully illuminated, Dali-esque style. Fine art comes to a galaxy far, far away. 36″ x 24″ acrylic painting on canvas.

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