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Hang-Ten at Hang Up Pictures gallery – Mark Powell live drawing session

If a hot summer was not enough to enjoy London this summer, Hang Up Pictures gallery in Stoke Newington is throwing a ten week festival of art and entertainment. And if you know and like Mark Powell work, read on… Nice. To celebrate our tenth anniversary,... Read more

8 Famous Artists who Gained Appreciation After Death

By Claude Monet | Art-Pie

Who would you say are the most influential artists of all time? Vincent Van Gogh? Cézanne? Monet? It’s surprising to think that, despite these artists’ worldwide fame and appreciation, they weren’t really recognised as masters until after they... Read more

‘BACK TO WORK’ by Ben Eine and Kaspersky Lab

'Back To Work' by Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Cybersecurity brand Kaspersky Lab announces a significant new creative collaboration with London-based Street Art luminary Ben Eine ‘Back to Work’, an artist film exploring Ben Eine’s art practice commissioned by Kaspersky Lab. Specially commissioned... Read more

Arms Around The Child Art Auction featuring Rob and Nick Carter, Peter Blake & more

By Rob & Nick Carter | Art-Pie

ARMS AROUND THE CHILD ANNOUNCE LONDON CHARITY EXHIBITION & AUCTION TO RAISE FUNDS FOR CHILDREN LIVING IN EXTREME ADVERSITY IN AFRICA AND INDIA London, Friday 20 October, 2017: Arms Around The Child are delighted to announce fundraising exhibition... Read more

Wildlife photographers joined forces and talent to present Remembering Rhinos

Remembering Rhinos | Art-Pie

Incredible images by some of the world’s best wildlife photographers will be brought together in this much-anticipated new book, with exclusive launch event and exhibition in London this month. _______ Powerful images of rhino taken by some of the world’s... Read more

Graffiti artists, put your cans away, this train ain’t your usual moving canvas

Genbi Shinkansen | Art-Pie

It is already early evening but you just have enough time to jump on that bus and get your favourite spray cans from your local art supplies shop. Should the shop be closed by the time you get there, Bombing Science online shop will be there to the rescue,... Read more

The latest JR installation is strong and powerful

JR | Art-Pie

The latest JR installation is strong and powerful. Meet Kikito, a Mexican baby boy. The place: the US-Mexico border fence. Which way is the baby looking over? You would have guessed it – Kikito is looking over the border from the Mexican side. The... Read more

The Super Hero Handbook

"The super hero handbook by James Doyle & Jason Ford

 We all love a bit of activity, a bit of hand crafting vibe in the room. Grab ‘The Super Hero Handbook, sent to us by our favourite publisher Laurence King and let you become a Super Hero. How, flick through the pages of this well designed and... Read more

Bunny suicides from Andy Riley

Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley | Art-Pie

When we first saw Andy Riley’s Bunny Suicides illustrations, we immediately love them but also found them very funny. In a nutshell, rather desperate bunnies try to end their lives by any means they can think of and find themselves in ingenious... Read more

Turning dirty trucks into canvas with amazing art

Nikita Golubev | Art-Pie

we’ve all seen dirty trucks or cars, I mean covered with muds or dust and we probably did not think more of it. Nikita Golubev, a Russian, sees these trucks and cars as a canvas and, with a set of brushes, will turn dirtiness into awesomeness. We... Read more