The Super Hero Handbook

"The super hero handbook by James Doyle & Jason Ford

We have 1 copy of  ‘The Super Hero Handbook’ up for grabs!  We all love a bit of activity, a bit of hand crafting vibe in the room. Grab ‘The Super Hero Handbook, sent to us by our favourite publisher Laurence King and let you become... Read more

Bunny suicides from Andy Riley

Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley | Art-Pie

When we first saw Andy Riley’s Bunny Suicides illustrations, we immediately love them but also found them very funny. In a nutshell, rather desperate bunnies try to end their lives by any means they can think of and find themselves in ingenious... Read more

Turning dirty trucks into canvas with amazing art

Nikita Golubev | Art-Pie

we’ve all seen dirty trucks or cars, I mean covered with muds or dust and we probably did not think more of it. Nikita Golubev, a Russian, sees these trucks and cars as a canvas and, with a set of brushes, will turn dirtiness into awesomeness. We... Read more

Why you should go to the London Peckham Rye Music Festival

Peckham Rye Music Festival | Art-Pie

Peckham, once an area that most Londoners regarded as a no-go area, has become in recent years a hip and cultural hub in the capital. One of the events which is conveying this message is the London Peckham Rye Music Festival. Here is Why you should go... Read more

Dale Grimshaw’s Pride & Prejudice new show at WellHung gallery

Dale Grimshaw at WellHung gallery | Art-Pie

Click to enlarge Dale Grimshaw‘s Pride & Prejudice new show at WellHung gallery was one of these shows you do not want to miss. As soon as we got the email about it, an entry in the calendar was penciled to attend the Private View. We had already... Read more

Gordon Cheung’s at Edel Assanti gallery

This is it. It is lunch and I am craving, not food, but a good art show to go and check out, preferably a short distance from the office. I quickly gathered my thoughts and here I am on my way to Zari gallery on Newman street (London) or this is where... Read more

Dale Grimshaw at WellHung gallery – win a signed poster

Dale Grimshaw in East London | Art-Pie

Click to enlarge We are looking forward to Pride & Prejudice, the new show from Dale Grimshaw at WellHung gallery and guess what? We have two signed posters of the flyer show (see left) to give away to two of our readers so get involved and refer... Read more

The very evocative Victor Lundy’s sketchbook

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-\Pie

(Victor Lundy) We were instantly moved when we looked at Victor Lundy’s sketchbook. The quality of the drawings is impressive and the story behind them heart breaking : Victor Lundy’s documented his time in the army and fighting in the second... Read more

So what’s next for the Fourth Plinth?

Thumbs Up by David Shrigley | Art-Pie

Thumbs Up by David Shrigley If you have been near Trafalgar Square in London, you must have noticed a 7m high sculpture looking like a thumbs up. This particular pedestal on the square is called the Fourth Plinth and the current artist showing their... Read more

Taschen book sample sale in Sloane Square

Taschen book sample sale in Sloane Square will be taking place at their store at 12 Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London SW3 4LY from 26-29th January. Expect to find unique books and enjoy strolling through Taschen store in South West London. We included... Read more

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