Hollyweed by JesusHands | Art-Pie

Hollyweed not Hollywood, the prankster who hijacked the hills of California

Hollyweed not Hollywood, the prankster (and his wife) who hijacked the hills of California.

You most probably heard about this very recent prank – on the 1st January, the famous HOLLYWOOD sign got hijacked to read HOLLYWEED.

Hollyweed by Jesus Hands | Art-Pie
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 “I wanted to make people laugh”

Zach Fernandes, the artist behind this prank, also goes by “JesusHands,” – at the time of writing this post, his Twitter account seems to have been suspended – https://twitter.com/account/suspended

We hear that Zach Fernandes’s motive behind this prank was just to make people laugh but pressure got too high and the artist cracked under it.

“If I did break the law in trespassing, I’m not going to run from the law,

Fernandez said.

The artist turned himself in on Monday.

Over the fence and a bit of sewing

Hollyweed | Art-Pie
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Looking more closely at how the sign was transformed, you’ll notice that he wrapped letters with tarps to transform its message.

We literally were sewing stuff the day of. It was so fun and exhilarating.

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