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Stickerbomb 3 out today, grab your copy!

Stickers fans out there have been waiting for this one – yes Stickers Bomb 3 is out today!

We published a similar post last time round when Stickers Bomb Skulls came out and gave you the opportunity to grab a free copy.

We are reiterating this again and have 2 copies of latest Sticker Bomb 3 up for grabs! Look to your right to find out how you can win a copy –>

We were delighted to receive again in the post this collection of over 240 peelable stickers from our favourite publisher Laurence King.

This book is part of the ever growing Stickerbomb series which includes other similar books such as  Stickerbomb, Stickerbomb 2, Stickerbomb XL, Stickerbomb Letters and Stickerbomb Monsters.

D*Face foreword

As D*FACE warns us in his foreword for this edition of Sticker Bomb, “Stickers are seriously addictive, self indulgent, egotistical, and can be life altering – and thank fuck they are. They rescued me from a life of punching hours in the 9-to-5 grind, working for the man”

Artists in this edition includes –

  • Bisser (Belgium)
  • BareOne (UK)
  • Dres13 (US)
  • FatGomez (Italy)
  • Killer Acid (US)
  • Luis Pinto (Mexico)
  • Mr Four Fingers (UK)
  • Space MCK (Australia)
  • Train Of Thoughts (Switzerland)

About Studio Rarekwai, the studio behind the StickerBomb book series –

Ryo Sanada and Suridh Hassan of Studio Rarekind (SRK) specialise in the promotion of international culture and music through documentary production and film. Their documentary film on Japanese Hip-Hop culture – “Scratching the surface: Japan” – has been broadcast Europe. This was followed by successful screenings at the 12th Raindance Film Festival in London and Vancouver International Hip-Hop Film Festival.