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#CODEFC street art and raise awareness for Sri Lanka

"Woman" by #CODEFC#codefc has recently been to Sri Lanka and witnessed the atrocity of the civil war that hit the country. Below are his words, no edit whatsoever, raw like the atrocities that Sri Lanka suffered and is still subject to. Thank you Fab to try to raise awareness. “it s related to a sensitive subject happened a while ago but still very fresh over u probably know the gosl( gov of sri lanka) has been at war with the LTTE for the past 25... Read More

Passenger event at Home House

Passenger is a monthly occurrence and aims to showcase across all creative disciplines, for your enjoyment and inspiration. Our first one is on Monday 5 September, from 7:30pm til 3am. INNOVATIVE MUSIC VIDEOS Plaid, The Horrors, Moby, Is Tropical, Audiobullys, Depeche Mode, Fulton Lights, Table Beggar, WhoMadeWho and Justice FASHION ACCESSORIES A new British fashion designer showcase, curated by Emma Crosby, curator and manager of London a la Mode and consultant to Vauxhall Fashion... Read More

ROA at Pure Evil gallery: raw

I have been going around London many times to try to snap up some street art and came across ROA’s stuff on several occasions. I knew little about the guy from Ghent (Belgium) and was therefore very keen on finding out more about him and his obsession with picturing large scale urban wildlife through his spray paint cans. I headed then to Pure Evil gallery for what I was pretty convinced would be something very different with most exhibitions I have seen so far this year.... Read More

Gordon Cheung at Room: multi media artist

I always find fascinating when an artist can juggle between medias or techniques, when artists can be as varied as Gordon Cheung is. It is definitely a sign of open mindedness and in this case also talent. Pyrographics, spray paint, oil, acrylics, sculpture, animation… Gordon Cheung seems to explore everything in is art. THE JOURNEY (ink, acrylic gel and spray paint on canvas), BEAR and BULL (both being acrylic gel and spray on canvases) are definitely my favorite pieces.... Read More