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#CODEFC new show and his book launch

CODEFC book launch | Art-Pie

After the Olympic project and solo show 20:12 two years ago, #CODEFC returns with another solo show and book launch celebrating his 25th anniversary in the graffiti/ street art world. The book is a collection of photos from as early as 1990 including lettering, free hand painting, sketches, stencils and stickers. We are giving two readers the chance to win a copy of #CODEFC book. What you need to do is either subscribe to the Art-Pie newsletter, share this article on Twitter... Read More

#codefc show opens at Curious Duke gallery – 20:12

20:12, #codefc Olympic installations

We had the chance to get a sneak preview of 20:12, #CODEFC’s London Olympics Installations show opening tomorrow at Curious Duke gallery on Whitecross street. The London-based artist’s 2 year long project is coming to maturation with this show and fits nicely the build up to the London 2012 Olympics. Using stencil interventions onto London city landscapes, #codefc presents athletes’ imagery in all their splendour and vigour, performing the Olympian feats for which they... Read More

Another #CODEFC street art set


Fab or #CODEFC has been busy in the last few months and have been throwing a few pieces around town where his current topic, the Olympics, is being broken down according to his mindset. Stay tune for more information and a sneak preview about his upcoming solo show at the Curious Duke gallery on white cross street  Read More

#CODEFC street art and raise awareness for Sri Lanka

"Woman" by #CODEFC#codefc has recently been to Sri Lanka and witnessed the atrocity of the civil war that hit the country. Below are his words, no edit whatsoever, raw like the atrocities that Sri Lanka suffered and is still subject to. Thank you Fab to try to raise awareness. “it s related to a sensitive subject happened a while ago but still very fresh over there..as u probably know the gosl( gov of sri lanka) has been at war with the LTTE for the past 25... Read More

Codefc in Ibiza

#codefc in Ibiza

Codefc has just come back from Ibiza where he spent a few weeks (what?!). He obviously took the opportunity to leave his marks on a few surfaces and kindly sent us a few pictures of his work.    Read More