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Clement Beauvais beautiful ink drop

Solidarités International, an international humanitarian organisation, was looking to mark World Water Day with an awareness campaign that highlighted the scourge of undrinkable water.

That happened back in March this year but got made aware of this only now.. so you’ll excuse the belated post.

We were amazed here by the final effect – ie when the ink gets dropped to reveal the artwork but what we found even mire amazing is how the artist, Clement Beauvais, managed to create it.

The artist indeed needs to create an invisible water paintings on greaseproof paper.

The water beads and sits on top of the paper in clear rivulets.

With an eyedropper, Clément adds a single droplet of ink to the water and instantly darkness surges through the watery shape.

It’s amazing to watch an image loom out of seemingly nowhere.

It’s as much a performance as an artwork, as Clément has to time his drips perfectly to create the right tonal balance.

The main purpose of this Clement’s work was to engage the help of journalists to focus public attention on the issue of water contamination.

Clement certainly did manage that.

And of course, the core message is?

‘Your ink can help make an invisible problem visible’

A bit about World Water Day as it matters –

To mark World Water Day, on March 22nd Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited will roll out a campaign to build awareness of the scourge of undrinkable water.

Today, it is estimated that 3.6 million people, including 1.5 million children under the age of 5, die every year of diseases borne by unhealthy water, making it the world’s leading cause of death.

Yet the public isn’t aware of it and political leaders do not demonstrate the drive it takes to end the terrible deaths. The campaign calls on journalists to spread awareness of this scourge and appeal to readers to sign a petition that will be personally handed to the French president during the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012.

To evoke the silent and invisible threat of unhealthy water, BDDP Unlimited opted for a minimalist approach that is both visually appealing and surprising, using water and ink exclusively. The spot shows the power of ink to reveal the invisible.

The spot, created by BDDP Unlimited, produced by Hush and directed by Clément Beauvais, a young director, illustrator, musician and photographer. His multiple talents and mastery of various techniques enabled him to both create the drawings and direct the spot.


Splatter series from Hua Tunan

Chinese Art has been pushing its way through Europe and America lately and many movements and talents are starting to emerge from it. One of this very skilled and inspiring artists is Chen Yingjie (aka: Hua Tunan) who lives in the coastal city of Foshan, China.

With a background of classical Chinese painting and illustration, Hua Tunan has diverged into a remarkable and unique street art style. His art is a perfect example where two radically different styles – Classic Chinese painting v. Western Graffiti are married to give eye watering results. Hua Tunan would use ink painting, drum rhythms and a variety of cultural symbols.

Pictures of the ‘splatter’ portraits series are shown below. Look closer and what might appear as a splash to you actually reveal a face or shapes. The color palette is another remarkable thing in Hua Tunan art. Thumbs up all round.

Hua Tunan's Splatter series

Hua Tunan's Splatter seriesHua Tunan's Splatter series

Hua Tunan's Splatter seriesHua Tunan's Splatter series