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Forgetting Mechanisms

I recently posted the opening clip for the cult movie Paris, Texas, directed by Wim Wenders and written by Sam Shepard, on the RECURSIVE blog in response to something I read from Difference and Repetition by Gilles Deleuse, “For it is perhaps habit which manages to “draw” something new from a repetition contemplated from without. With habit, we act only on the condition that there is a little Self within us which contemplates: it is this which extracts the new – in other... Read More

When do you take warning from your habits?

I’m a terrible creature of habit. I like my routines because they free up brain space for more important stuff – the stuff where I can be really creative and unpredictable. Mostly, I live in harmony with my habits, enjoying their usefulness and the comfort they bring, but there have been times when my habits have given me cause for alarm. This is the topic of the latest RECURSIVE post: Where does it turn? Discussion topic 3: WHEN DO YOU TAKE WARNING FROM A HABIT? Pop... Read More

RECURSIVE on Repetition

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I’m very pleased to say 1) I have a new project in the works and 2) Art Pie is again media sponsor! This project is smaller in scale than This ‘Me’ of Mine, but just as interesting. RECURSIVE explores the inner repetitive thought processes, both ones we’re aware of and ones we’re not. The works in the exhibition show evidence of this recursive thinking in action through the work. My goal for the blogsite is to create a place to discuss what repetition... Read More