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ROA at Art Basel Miami

This recent piece from Belgian artist ROA can be seen in Miami and precisely at the Wynwood Walls. The artist’s work coincide with this year’s Art Basel 2011. Pictures from streetartnews.net  Read More

ROA in Chicago

ROA has once again hit the walls, this time is Chicago and as always the pieces are awesome Location: Chicago (The large wall is on the Hedrich Blessing architectural photography studio) Pictures by Brock Brake via unurth  Read More

Jumping on the bandwagon – The Foundry

The Foundry has really been doing the rounds on the street art/graffiti blogs and websites over the last month or so. Some people are loving it and others are getting sick of hearing about it. As we are huge fans of many of the artists that have been adorning the walls, we decided to jump on the band wagon and do a write up about it, yet to be slightly different we wanted to drop a little history to give you a understanding of this locations significance to the local community... Read More

ROA at Black Rat Press

On my way to BRP (Black Rat Press), I knew I was up for a treat. I knew I would hang out for a while and enjoy ROA’s installation. What makes ROA so popular is definitely his unique style – (very often) large black and white scale wildlife animals made of spray paint but also his ability in putting together quite clever installation integrating his wildlife characters. Flip out/ flip in some wood panels or just walk round and get a new angle on the installation and... Read More