ART-PIE - Mr Unbound

Meet Mr Unbound or living UNBOUND

Another shoutout to an artist out there. Today we meet Mr Unbound. Here are his words below. If you are an artist and want to feature on the site, tell me.


ART-PIE - Mr Unbound“Well, friends, where do we begin? I am you. You are me. We are Mr. Unbound. Excuse my vagueness, I will have to explain a little bit. This whole movement is about living unbound. No, not living as a Nietzsche-esque, morally unattached person, but living unbound as in the world is your canvas and you are biting at the bit to go out and paint it.

People like Shepard Fairey have used art to call you to question everything around you, and I whole-heartedly support that. This, however, is the next step. Now you have questioned everything. And you see it don’t you? All of the messed up, absolute carnage everywhere. You see how mediocre your life is and how screwed up the world is.

So what does this mean for you? You can take it as it is, suck it up, lock yourself in your minuscule office cubicle and never do anything great in your life. Or you can be Mr. Unbound. You can start actually living with your fellow human beings, speaking out against oppression, racism, violence, and standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. You can face the obstacles and issues in your life. You can choose to live a life full of passion, love, grace, mercy, thought, gratitude, selflessness, action, and purpose.

ART-PIE - Mr Unbound

Look for my art. Watch for the figure soaring through life. You’ll see it and him and you will be reminded to stop living like an unfulfilled zombie and start living like you’ve got nothing to lose, yet everything to gain. People say life is short, yet they do nothing about it. Its time to start squeezing every single ounce of life out of every second you get and
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Take some time to think on it. Maybe while you’re thinking you’ll give this a shot. Find your passion and live it. Rise up, live spoken, live unbound, and change the world. You’ve struck gold. You are Mr. Unbound.”

Mr. Unbound is the work and vision of American artist Michael Becker.

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