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Lego art: be prepared to be amazed

When Ole Kirk Christiansen came up with the idea of that brick we call LEGO, I can say with confidence that he was most probably miles away from thinking that one day, people all aver the world would use his brick, and in some cases, ton of them to create pieces of art.

There is even today some sort of art movement that has sprung. How about that?

One very recent example of the frenzy that surrounds LEGO and art can be this life-sized Star Wars X-Wing fighter that was made from 5,335,200 individual bricks. Yes you heard it, over 5 millions of brick were used. It was 11 feet tall, 43 feet long 44 feet wide, and weighed almost 46,000 pounds. This is, as of today the largest model ever built.

Brick X wing | Art-Pie

But while some art purists may argue that the Brick X Wing is not really art but more a clever engineering poroject, and we would tend to agree, some other artists we feel, have really taken the brick and turn into an art medium.

Nathan Sawaya is certainly one if these artists (we already published something about him) and has gained a recognisable art LEGO style¬†with his Dali-esque statues that are intricate and perception-bending. We have included some of Nathan Sawaya’s works at the bottom of this post.

Other interesting artists are Katie Walker who builds mosaics, we have included one example below.

Katie Walker
Katie Walker LEGO | Art-Pie

Nathan Sawaya
Nathan Sawaya | Art-PieNathan Sawaya | Art-Pie

Nathan Sawaya | Art-Pie

Nathan Sawaya | Art-Pie

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