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JeeYoung Lee or turning her studio into crazy worlds

Artists pushing the boundaries or going the extra mile are always worth talking about so meet Korean artist JeeYoung Lee who put together crazy dream-like worlds that she then use them as a back drop for her imaginative self-portrait photos. The artist builds all this in a 10-by-20-foot studio and we heat that some constructions can take months! you can catch a glimpse of her portraits at the Opiom Gallery in Opio, France, February 7 to March 7, 2014. We particularly like the... Read More

Lego art: be prepared to be amazed

Katie Walker LEGO | Art-Pie

When Ole Kirk Christiansen came up with the idea of that brick we call LEGO, I can say with confidence that he was most probably miles away from thinking that one day, people all aver the world would use his brick, and in some cases, ton of them to create pieces of art. There is even today some sort of art movement that has sprung. How about that? One very recent example of the frenzy that surrounds LEGO and art can be this life-sized Star Wars X-Wing fighter that was made from... Read More

The Duel – a LEGO animation

Animation by Namchild (based on ‘Duel’ by Lohenhart) All effects (incl. motion blur/explosions/wind/wood etc.) are in shot and were happening as the picture is taken. No cgi is used. Photoshop is only used to remove support wires etc. Lohenhart. http://www.youtube.com/user/Lohenhart Official music – Camo & Krooked http://camoandkrooked.com/ Hospital Records http://www.hospitalrecords.com  Read More

Angry birds made out of LEGO

Angry Birds made out of LEGO | Art-Pie

It was just a matter of time before someone would have a go at this – using LEGO to reproduce the characters of the very popular video game Angry Birds. CK Tsang just did that.  Read More

Lego Terracota Army comes to life

Lego 3d by Planet Street Painting

Take two thing a large number of us have manipulated once in their lives: LEGO and chalk. Take it further and create something too amazing for not writing something up about it. Dutchman Peter Westerink and a few other helping hands must have astonished a few by-passers with their 100m2 3D creation depicting a army of LEGO men Terracotta style. You will see below, pictures showing the steps these guys has to go through. Oh and did I mention that it took 6 full days to a crew of... Read More