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The creative bubble – April edition almost on!

The Creative Bubble | Art-PieAnother month, another edition of The Creative Bubble and a myriad of emerging artists showcasing their work – visual artists, spoken word and Poetry, Music & the latest addition and now regular appearance of the guys from Let The Film Do The Talking who invite you to immerse yourself in short films and augmented reality.

As always, we are providing a selection of artists we feel should get some exposure just because we appreciate their work and hope you will to.

We are delighted to have James Kinsella involved in this pop up show. James currently resides in Austria, yes The Creative Bubble is international (!), who will be showing three of his screen print on acrylic paint latest work. We included below ‘Herschelgasse’ for you to see what you can expect to see on display if you come down.

James Kinsella | Art-Pie

‘Less is more’ is what we felt when we first saw James’ work. We like the “sketchy’ feel of this piece and above all the contrast between black outlines and bright and bold colours.

We cannot wait to hang it up on the walls of the Roxy Bar and Screen.

WHAT – The Creative Bubble, POP UP Art Gallery, Spoken Word, Poetry, Short Films, Music & Networking
WHERE – Roxy Bar and Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB
WHEN – Wed 29/4/2015 (POP UP art gallery opening night) / Thursd 30 (Spoken word)

2 thoughts on “The creative bubble – April edition almost on!”

    1. We are glad you like it as we do too. There are three of them which will be in this month’s edition of the Creative Bubble so if you let us have your email address and/or come down to the opening on the 29th April, you could see them all!

      By the way, they are all on sale so let us know if you are interested and we can talk about it

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