London Art Fair – artists we enjoyed, Matteo Massagrande

We strolled through the London Art Fair for the fourth consecutive year and as always stumbled upon remarkable artworks from ever so talented artists.

In this series, we will tell you why we liked a particular piece from these artists as well as posting more works. We hope you will also enjoy it as we did.

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Matteo Massagrande

'Salice' by Matteo Massagrande | Art-PieWe stumbled upon the piece called “Salice” – mixed media on board, 80 x 120cm and instantly liked the smoky and hazy atmosphere of this piece achieved in using panels. It made us want to go and explore the scene that was presented in front of our eyes.

About the artist

Matteo Massagrande was born in Padua, Italy in 1959. Massagrande is an accomplished painter and a talented engraver. He has exhibited in over one hundred exhibitions internationally in the past 30 years.

Other works from this artist

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By Matteo Massagrande | Art-Pie By Matteo Massagrande | Art-Pie 8

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