“Chasing ghosts” by Andrew Millar at Curious Duke gallery

Andrew Millar | Art-Pie
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Award winning Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present the first UK solo show of Polaroid transparency artist Andrew Millar, with Chasing Ghosts. The East London based gallery invites you to rejoice in all things retro glamour this April 2016.

East London’s Curious Duke Gallery is known for nurturing young talent into the bright stars of the art world: Andrew Millar is no exception. UK born Millar joined CDG last year and took the gallery by storm with his distinctive ethereal style.

Hailed as a big hit at Moniker Art fair 2015, the artist creates the little known process of Polaroid collage transparencies with finesse and vintage beauty. If you haven’t seen his back catalogue yet, you will soon be falling in love with his latest collection, Chasing Ghosts.

Breathing new life into vintage imagery, like his forebears such as Andy Warhol before him, Millar collects from markets and antique dealers, the artist revives forgotten faces with his little known process of Polaroid collage transparencies. Millar explains how “When I produce the pieces I use a lot of old facial imagery so whilst lifting the polaroid and applying the gold it kind of brings them back.”

It is the final touches of these artworks that create experimental images that call to filmmaking of the 1960s and beyond, with layers of black and gold giving a touch of Hollywood glamour.

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