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“Chasing ghosts” by Andrew Millar at Curious Duke gallery

Click to enlarge Award winning Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present the first UK solo show of Polaroid transparency artist Andrew Millar, with Chasing Ghosts. The East London based gallery invites you to rejoice in all things retro glamour this April 2016. East London’s Curious Duke Gallery is known for nurturing young talent into the bright stars of the art world: Andrew Millar is no exception. UK born Millar joined CDG last year and took the gallery by storm with his... Read More

The Curious Art-Pie Show

We had a great time and exhibited awesome works from drawing to sculpture in the hope to find emerging talents. We were very pleased with what we got in the end. This show was generously sponsored by Curious Duke Gallery and consisted of an online public voting contest: anyone could submit one artwork ranging from paintings to sculpture. We also asked a panel of judges that consisted of well known and established artists – Dan Baldwin, Pam Glew, Dave White and Andrea Tyrimos,... Read More

Young Masters at Curious Duke gallery

By Ben Levy “Young Masters” is the latest show from Curious Duke gallery and is now in full swing. We went down to check it out what the group show has to offer. If you have never been to the gallery, your first impression, as you step in, might be that the gallery is tiny but keep walking on and head downstairs where the main exhibition area is. The place is actually big enough to host a decent amount of work from several artists. “Young Masters” present... Read More

#codefc show opens at Curious Duke gallery – 20:12

20:12, #codefc Olympic installations

We had the chance to get a sneak preview of 20:12, #CODEFC’s London Olympics Installations show opening tomorrow at Curious Duke gallery on Whitecross street. The London-based artist’s 2 year long project is coming to maturation with this show and fits nicely the build up to the London 2012 Olympics. Using stencil interventions onto London city landscapes, #codefc presents athletes’ imagery in all their splendour and vigour, performing the Olympian feats for which they... Read More

Another #CODEFC street art set


Fab or #CODEFC has been busy in the last few months and have been throwing a few pieces around town where his current topic, the Olympics, is being broken down according to his mindset. Stay tune for more information and a sneak preview about his upcoming solo show at the Curious Duke gallery on white cross street  Read More