Dance & 3D – Le mouvement de l’air

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18 May


3D technology which once was promised to succeed (back in the 80s) completely disappeared (or almost) as a medium for any artistry around but this is changing. 3D movies have been a regular hits at the Box Office while 3D gaming is booming.

3D and dance?

Meet Adrien M and Claire B, pioneers in embracing and using multimedia in their choreographies, present us with a fascinating and reactive projection-mapped performance. The Movement of the Air, now a video, is bond to bend they way you usually looked at dance.

How does it work?

Collaborators Rémi Boissy, Farid-Ayelem Rahmouni, and Maëlle Reymond manipulate tornadoes, columns of smoke, and lively geometric shapes in real time.Unlike normal projection mapping, which relies heavily on pre-planning a show to fit every contour and crevice of a surface, Adrien M and Claire B let shapes and patterns emerge in response to the people on stage.

Plus the dancers move to the rhythm of live music, adding one more layer of irreplicable humanity to the show.

I still don’t get it, pls clarify

No one better than the artists themselves may be able to shed some light on the technicality of the use of 3d and dance. Here is what they said to The Creators Project

The set is inhabited by a 3 face structure: two vertical panels of white gauze and a white dance oor are asymmetrically combined to create an immersive projection system. This « living light » is produced by video projectors and generated in real time by a set of algorithms.

It is a mix of control room operated human interventions and onstage sensors data that outlines a precise writing of motions and generative behaviors. They are generated according to physical models and therefore remind everyone of their own real life experience and imaginary of motion.

3D dance | Art-Pie

3D Dance | Art-Pie

3D Dance | Art-Pie

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