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Dance & 3D – Le mouvement de l’air

3D technology which once was promised to succeed (back in the 80s) completely disappeared (or almost) as a medium for any artistry around but this is changing. 3D movies have been a regular hits at the Box Office while 3D gaming is booming.

3D and dance?

Meet Adrien M and Claire B, pioneers in embracing and using multimedia in their choreographies, present us with a fascinating and reactive projection-mapped performance. The Movement of the Air, now a video, is bond to bend they way you usually looked at dance.

How does it work?

Collaborators Rémi Boissy, Farid-Ayelem Rahmouni, and Maëlle Reymond manipulate tornadoes, columns of smoke, and lively geometric shapes in real time.Unlike normal projection mapping, which relies heavily on pre-planning a show to fit every contour and crevice of a surface, Adrien M and Claire B let shapes and patterns emerge in response to the people on stage.

Plus the dancers move to the rhythm of live music, adding one more layer of irreplicable humanity to the show.

I still don’t get it, pls clarify

No one better than the artists themselves may be able to shed some light on the technicality of the use of 3d and dance. Here is what they said to The Creators Project

The set is inhabited by a 3 face structure: two vertical panels of white gauze and a white dance oor are asymmetrically combined to create an immersive projection system. This « living light » is produced by video projectors and generated in real time by a set of algorithms.

It is a mix of control room operated human interventions and onstage sensors data that outlines a precise writing of motions and generative behaviors. They are generated according to physical models and therefore remind everyone of their own real life experience and imaginary of motion.

3D dance | Art-Pie

3D Dance | Art-Pie

3D Dance | Art-Pie

Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s street art illusion

Meet Mehdi Ghadyanloo, a proficient street artist from Teheran, Israel.

The artist style is ‘illusion’ and his works always need you to look again and again to understand what it is all about but that illusional aspect is most definitely why so many people appreciate it.

Surreal scenes are often depicted in his murals such as a man floating up into the sky and holding on helium balloons.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo is a painter and designer based in Tehran, Israel. His street art is extensive. What makes his artworks particularly intriguing is that they are full of dimension that tricks the brain.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-PieMehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

A meaningful 3D outdoor medium

We have been completely wowed when we saw that video from Mercado magazine, an Argentinian politics and economics magazine. The piece of art is called the “HOPE statue” and is a 3D statue/sculpture where the face of Barack Obama can be seen if you look at it straight. This is the same face as on the now notorious “HOPE” poster from

But walk around it and the piece dramatically changes, characters in a dramatic scene appears and Barack Obama’s face fades. The message behind this – the more angles you have, the deeper the analysis of reality will be. A truly beautiful achievement.

Lego Terracota Army comes to life

Lego 3d by Planet Street PaintingTake two thing a large number of us have manipulated once in their lives: LEGO and chalk. Take it further and create something too amazing for not writing something up about it. Dutchman Peter Westerink and a few other helping hands must have astonished a few by-passers with their 100m2 3D creation depicting a army of LEGO men Terracotta style.

You will see below, pictures showing the steps these guys has to go through. Oh and did I mention that it took 6 full days to a crew of four artists (Leon Keer, who also came up with the design, Remko Van Schaik, Ruben Poncia and Peter Westerink) to get this leaped out if the concrete floor. No surprise that the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida was chosen, imagine doing that at Glastonbury festival where it is very likely to rain and wash out a pile of efforts.

A grid is first laid out using chalk, then painted over with white paint before being removed and a mammoth task begins: filling.

Peter and his crew (and many other artists) are part of Planet Streetpainting is a collaborative of international street painters

Lego 3d by Planet Street Painting

Lego 3d by Planet Street Painting

Lego 3d by Planet Street Painting