5 street art pieces about Brexit

Some of you may know this – UK Parliament will debate on a second EU referendum at Westminster Hall on 5 September 2016, after an online petition attracted more than four-million signatures. As a reminder, 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, with a turnout of 72.2%. We thought we’ll share with you guys 5 street art pieces about Brexit 1. “Not #InForThis?” by The WeAreEurope artist collective& Paintsmiths Of Bristol, Bristol,... Read More

Faith47, Ludo and Smug street art

Part of our 3 street art works series you should see today. Artists featured are Faith47, Ludo and Smug. Faith47 – done during this Nuart festival Ludo – located in Paris Smug  Read More

LUDO latest streetart in Poland, Katowice

LUDO | Art-Pie

LUDO, French steet art from Paris made a visit to Poland during the Katowice Street Art Festival and took this opportunity to complete this hiuge piece depicting what looks like an aunt wearing “police” gear. Address where this can be seem: ul. Markiefki 55 Pictures from Streetartnews.net  Read More

LUDO at Starkart gallery – La Belle Vie

We arrived in Zurich to find that the centre of town, near where we are staying is insanely upper class. Ferrari’s and Bentleys cruising the streets typically driven by what looked like teenage boys and the main streets lined with cafe’s filled with people wearing Gucci sunglasses laughing and sipping their cocktails. It was not something that we were expecting and thought that it was extremely superficial, until we ventured of the beaten track in search of Starkart gallery... Read More

Ludo, a street artist by nature

LUDO is a French Street Artist who is enjoying enjoyed a very successful first solo show in Zurich at the Starkat Gallery. LUDO’s style is very particular and his pieces always depict ominous and imaginary plants which always seem to want to grab you as you walk past them. His street art series is actually called Nature’s Revenge which he has been focusing on for the past two years or so. A way perhaps to warn you all about the irreversible force of Dame Nature. The show is... Read More