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‘BACK TO WORK’ by Ben Eine and Kaspersky Lab

Cybersecurity brand Kaspersky Lab announces a significant new creative collaboration with London-based Street Art luminary Ben Eine

Back to Work’, an artist film exploring Ben Eine’s art practice commissioned by Kaspersky Lab.

Specially commissioned artwork by Ben Eine will feature on the 20th Anniversary edition of Kaspersky Lab’s market-leading Kaspersky Total Security v.2018 internet security product

Celebrating the 4th year of Kaspersky Lab’s support for the Moniker International Art Fair, the world’s largest Urban Art event, Ben Eine’s creative partnership with Kaspersky Lab was showcased through a large scale installation at the Moniker Press Preview on Thursday 5th October

Eine’s specially commissioned artwork includes a new typographic ‘K’ produced exclusively for Kaspersky Lab.

Ben Eine’s ‘Tenderloin’ A-Z showcase

Ben Eine | Art-PieWhen I first read about this event from my inbox, I must admit I got quite excited as Ben Eine and his work are exciting. If you love colours, letters and typography, you will appreciate this artist’s work.

“The venue will be announced just before the show and via Nelly Duff’s social medias”. This was enough to convince me that we were on something good.

I was wrong. What the show had to offer was a series of pieces with the whole alphabet broken down in a multitude of versions, different colours, not coloured at all, this sort of things. It did not take me long to go round the whole venue to have seen it all. I actually must more enjoyed the old graffiti and tags spread all around the venue from old jams or other shows.

I have not mentioned the launch of of ‘The World Atlas of Street Art & Graffiti by Dr Rafael Schacter that happened that night too just because, let’s be honest, the hype around Ben Eine did a good job by bringing people in and to get the copies of the book flying off the shelf…

We took a few pics anyway.

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

The Moniker Art Fair starts today…

This is not your traditional contemporary art fair, Moniker Art fair, now in (only) its second year has already become a respected platform featuring work of a generation of artists, often coming from  often overlooked in British mainstream fairs but proven successful and recognized throughout the art world – , museums and established art institutions.

Some of the featured artists: Steve Powers | Polly Morgan | Swoon | Ben Eine | Herakut | Banksy

Some of the represented galleries: Black Rat Press (London) | Circleculture, (Berlin) | Carmichael Gallery (Los Angeles) | Anonymous Gallery (New York City)


When : 13(preview)-16th October 2011.
Venue : Village underground | Shoreditch | London.

Street art by Ben Eine

Ben Eine has been back in London and we could not hope better than seeing a new piece enhancing some wall in London.

This time you can see his work on the wall of the London Graphic center on Mercer street, London.

It reads :
Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St Clements
Pancakes and Fritters say the Bells of St peters
Two sticks and an Apple say the Bells of Whitechapel
When I grow rich say the Bells of Shoreditch

Bonhams' Urban art auction – beyond expectation

The art auction market has been around for years, certainly a lot more than street art has been but yet, this emerging form of art seems to be on everybody’s lips and wallet indeed.

Bonhams’ auction, which just happened, has definitely showed us that. The bidding was fierce, the desire to own pieces from street artists, a must. The total sale from this Urban Art Sale at Bonham’s New Bond Street reached 455,760 GBP, with almost half of the works selling above their high estimates.

Here are some of the best sales

‘Save or Delete Jungle Book’, 2001. This piece was originally made for Greenpeace
Sold for £78,000

Banksy - Jungle book

Ben Eine
Circus A-Z’, 2010
stencil spray paint and glitter on canvas
Sold for £6,600

Ben Eine - Circus

Futura 2000
Untitled, a performance piece created live on the Clash’s ‘Combat Rock’ tour, circa 1983
Sold for £38,400

Futura 2000 - Untitled

via Hang-Up