Educational Proj​ect in Zanzibar​ needs you

Everybody stops what they are  doing  and keep on reading, this will be worthwhile.

I would like to draw your attention to some amazing educational projects that focus on using the performing arts as a tool to teach literacy and also provide children and young adults with expressive confidence. GETheatre is behind this initiative that has now been running for a few years worldwide.

But there is a catch, for these workshops to happen, they need your support. The one that requires an injection of cash as soon as possible is the project that will be based in Zanzibar later this year.

Go to the Rocket Hub website to generously fund this project or use the panel below. Any donations would be appreciated.

GETheatre has been working in Zanzibar since 2006, providing secondary school students with intensive English literacy training workshops using devised theatre techniques.

Typically programs run for two weeks at each school and involve facilitating a group of 20 – 25 students through dramatic activities towards devising a performance.  Read more about what GETheatre is doing across the globe.

We have also included below a video where Jennifer Holmes and John Socas talk about the Zanzibar project

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