Struggle in the Moment of Difference

Untitled Nude (c)2011 Shireen Qureshi

Untitled Nude, (c)2011 Shireen Qureshi, oil and charcoal on canvas I recently interviewed London artist Shireen Qureshi for This ‘Me’ of Mine.  Her ‘Untitled Nude’ is a compelling expression of the struggle in the violence of existence;... Read more

The Universal Struggle to Self-Identify: This 'Me' of Mine

Peripheral Vision (c)2010 David Minton

Peripheral Vision, (c)2010 David Minton, oil on canvas But it may be that without meaning there is only space, so in a sense I make my paintings by accident, but knowingly so.  The central space created by painting ‘at the periphery’ has a tension... Read more

WeLikeStatic tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art

WeLikeStatic at Whisper Fine Art

We met up earlier today with Tom and Craig, better known at WeLikeStatic to have a sneak peak at their solo show opening tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art on Eastcastle street, London. The place was buzzing with still “loads to do” but the team... Read more

When just interesting isn't enough – breathing new life into the artbook. An interview with French-Belgian media artist Gaston Gouron

Media Artist Gaston Gouron with Never-ending Conversation

Gaston Gouron is a visual media artist based in Brussels. His work caught my attention at a show about art books. Not by surprise, yet I think more by design, I had picked out each of Gaston’s three artworks on display before swooping in to catch a... Read more

Pam Glew's new show – Beautiful & Damned, interview

The very kind Pam Glew accepted to answer a few questions about her show – Beatiful & Damned, which opens tonight at Blackall Studios. Read the full preview ART-PIE: Your show is inspired from the tragedy from the 20’s coming from society... Read more

Object-Culture: bringing cultures together

Object-Culture is the first pop up shows of a series of four which will happen back to back from now into May 2010 at Red Gallery on Rivington Street (London). ART-PIE went to see Paul Sakoilsky, the curator to find out more about it. ART-PIE: Can you... Read more