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5 Batman related street art pieces you ought to see

With the release of the new Batman : Arkham night video game just around the corner, we looked at 5 remarkable street art pieces related to the broader ‘Batman’ theme. JPS JPS , UK street is our first artist. JPS’s does pop culture works with a witty slogan. JPS’ often depicts iconic comic book and movie characters including Ted, Batman, Spiderman, and even Freddie Kruger and normally stencils them. Read an interview with Street Artist United States Mario Calvo and... Read More

OsGemeos, Trash and Kabir Mokalem street art

Another post about 3 street art works you should see today. See more on our street art spotter page. OsGemeos in Sao Paulo, Brazil Kabir Mokalem in Kabul, Afghanistan ‘King Bear’ by Trash  Read More

An Act of Crime or a Work of Art – Graffiti Street Art

Street art in Shoreditch (London) | Art-Pie

Back in 2008, a group of teenagers were sent to jail in the UK in lieu of defacing public property. Yet while they were being imprisoned here, their work was being hailed in the New York gallery. There is only one word that can be used to describe how the UK as a society views graffiti street art – confusion.The confusion now runs deeper than the hide and seek between those who have a can and spray, and those that remove that paint off the wall. Revok was arrested in 2009With... Read More

10 awesome Christmas-related street art works

Christmas street art | Art-Pie

The festive season is upon which has and always will inspire artistic creativity.   While British street artist Moose just created a pretty incredible Christmas scene with only a toothbrush and moss (!) on South Bank wall Moose – see more of Moose aka Paul Curtis Christmas scene, there are many holiday themed street and graffiti artist creations. Scouring outdoors and the web, ten recent and some less so graffiti or street art Christmas-related awesomeness caught... Read More

Alex Meade’s 3D made into 2D street art

Alexa Meade | Art-Pie

Meet Alexa Meade. He creates amazing series of living graffiti art but the twist is that he masters the ability of using actual people made to look like they belong in their 2D graffiti background. No need to say that the level of careful painting and attention to detail is huge here but it works pretty awesomely to turns three dimensional figures into two dimensional figures. All participants are painted in black and white and cleverly get tangled  in the explosive and coloured... Read More